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Application Programming Interface (API) Features

ForceFinder includes one of the most powerful Application Program Interfaces (API) in the marketplace enabling advanced integration with other websites. Link directly to your ForceFinder database, from your website, using industry standard protocols and methods.

  • All requests made via SSL from your website.
  • Requests use 'posted' data only for security - not URL query string data.
  • Restrict requests to specific IP addresses.
  • Authentication supported in each request.
  • Create and change employer accounts and logon information from your website.
  • Query employer account information in real time.
  • Control registrations and logons from your website - achieve single signon.
  • Create and change job seeker accounts and logon information from your website.
  • Create and change job agent information.
  • Create and change job seeker profile/resume information including attached resume documents.
  • Query job seeker account information in real time.
  • Control registrations and logons from your website - achieve single signon.
  • Search jobs via a multitude of options from your website - filter/select by city, state, zip code, country, job category, keywords, featured job status and by individual job number.
  • Enable job searching from your main site, display featured jobs on your website.
  • Built-in job query results paging support.
  • Request level of job detail in each response - all, partial, limited.

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Just a quick email to let you know how pleased we are with ForceFinder. Our new job board offers top-end technology that has allowed us to become the leader in our industry by a long shot. Nobody in our field has anything close, and the customer service, integration, and pricing are beyond what we had hoped for.

David Gonzalez, President,

When our job board crashed, we needed to replace it quickly with one that was fully featured and more reliable. We turned to ForceFinder. Working with ForceFinder has been fast, easy and the results have been great. In just a few days we went from sales demo to full implementation with an attractive and robust job board. We’re pleased with how the site turned out and so are our clients! They quickly began posting positions and resumes, easily and without our support.

When we created in 2012 we needed a partner, not just a technology provider. After exploring our options, we selected ForceFinder and have never regretted our decision. The ForceFinder team have been exceptional and I would recommend their service to anyone.

Keith Thompson, Founder

I’ve known, and worked with the ForceFinder team for over 10 successful years! Together we’ve seen the Job Board market go through some very dramatic changes. 'Indeed', nor 'ZipRecruiter' didn’t even exist when we started working together. Had it not been for the creative and committed efforts of the ForceFinder team, we probably would not have made a success of our job boards. We are forever grateful to ForceFinder for always abeing there for us! I am a ForceFinder customer for life!

Bob Cantrell, President, The Job Board Network, Inc.

Fantastic! ForceFinder has enabled our national association to provide a valuable service to our members and increase our non-dues revenue. Also, as a nonprofit organization, we require flexibility and a high level of service from our vendors. ForceFinder has continually exceeded our expectations in this area.

C. Riddick, Manager, National Non-Profit Organization

ForceFinder has been a high quality, economical solution for us. We have been happily surprised at the high quality of service, responsiveness, and flexibility in the solution.

Nicholas Folger, President, Bio Careers