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Administrative Job Board Features

  • Create your own products to build your own customer price sheet.
  • Product types include job postings by quantity, job postings by time, resume bank access by time, 'other' generic products (sell books and videos if you want) and packages.
  • Tiered pricing support for job postings - 1 to 3 postings @ $149 each, 4 to 10 postings @ $109 each, 11 or more postings @ $89 each, etc.
  • Each product can have a detailed description (HTML allowed), cost and shelf-life.
  • Unlimited Discount and Promotional Codes allowed, codes give employer percent off of purchase, limit usage by employer and by product, assign expiration dates to codes.
  • Choose from five credit card gateway providers.
  • Enter your gateway credentials into ForceFinder and start processing secure online transactions.
  • Funds flow directly into your bank account - we don't get in the middle.
  • Restrict credit card usage by country (based on IP address) to reduce the chances of fraud and attempted credit card abuse.

Use traditional search-by-category approach for job and resume searching, or use simple keyword searching.

  • Easy to use content management area for admins with built-in 'preview' function.
  • Use text or HTML and include links, graphics and custom styles.
  • Upload your own graphics and use them in your custom content.
  • Track number of site visits, job and resume agent emails, agent email responses, job searches, resume searches, tell a friend referrals, job detail page views and more.
  • Track applications by type: online, to employer's website and by email.
  • Track sales activity by employer, sales rep or product.
  • Track site activity via your Google Analytics script.
  • Job Posting Credit Usage Report shows how each and every job posting purchase was used.
  • Referral Analysis Report shows how employers and job seekers found your site.
  • Create new employer accounts, change existing accounts, delete accounts, manage users under employer account, etc.
  • Complete employer purchase history, status and balances on each purchase, reprint/email invoices and credit card receipts.
  • Screen new employer registrations and deny/approve.
  • Option to force new postings to PENDING status for admin review/release - on a per employer basis.
  • View current job postings, filter by job status, set featured job flags, etc.
  • Maintain employer 'profiles' and featured employer banner ads.
  • Powerful job seeker search based on name, email, city, state, status and resume keywords.
  • Full access to profile/resume details including resume attachments in their original format.
  • Resume Review feature allows all resumes to go to 'PENDING' status until reviewed and released/deleted by an admin - great for higher-end, discriminating job boards.

Easily change the content of over 40 system emails and page 'blocks' on your job board. Speak to your market and keep your message current.

  • Easy to use content management area for admins with built-in 'preview' function.
  • Use text or HTML and include links, graphics and custom styles.
  • Upload your own graphics and use them in your custom content.
  • Maintain activity log and trigger email notifications for more than 40 key system events.
  • Events include registrations, purchases, job postings, job expirations, admin logons, etc.
  • Each event can have a different email address to be notified when that event occurs.

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Recent News

ForceFinder Announces SmartRecruiters Integration

Employers and recruiters using SmartRecruiters Applicant Tracking and Recruiting software now have an easy way to post jobs to a ForceFinder job board. The ForceFinder SmartRecruiters interface will retrieve job postings from the SmartRecruiters system and import them directly into a ForceFinder job board database.

WorkAvori Selects ForceFinder

WorkAvori, of Calgary, Canada has selected ForceFinder for its new general employment website featuring jobs in Canada and the US. Backfill will be provided by

Employer Uploads of Excel Job Data

ForceFinder has added the ability for employers to upload an Excel file of job data directly into their job board account. Job board administrators can define which specific information will be required for their job board. Employers may download the resulting Excel file 'template', update it with their job posting data and upload the Excel file directly into the job board.

TABB, Inc. Selects ForceFinder

TABB, Inc., of Chester, NJ specializes in pre-employment background investigation and screening. TABB has selected ForceFinder to integrate job board services with its pre-employment screening services website.

Canadian Geocoding Now Supported

ForceFinder has added geocoding for Canada to its job and resume seach capbilities. Canadian postal codes, along with radius miles can now be used by job seekers when searching for jobs in Canada and can be used by employers searching the resume database for candidates in Canada. Launches New ForceFinder Job Board, of Vancouver, Canada has launched a new job board using ForceFinder's fully hosted service. is a niche job board targeting treasury and finance professionals in the US and Canada. uses ForceFinder's backfill feature to supplement its 'native' postings with jobs from

ForceFinder Announces ICIMS Integration

Employers and recruiters using ICIMS' Applicant Tracking software now have an easy way to post jobs to a ForceFinder job board. The ForceFinder ICIMS interface will retrieve job postings from an ICIMS driven website and import them directly into a ForceFinder job board database.

Logistics CareerLink Selects ForceFinder

Logistics CareerLink, Inc., of Irving, Texas has selected ForceFinder to replace it's current job board technology. Logistics CareerLink is a leader in resource management within the logistics and supply chain sector. Logistics CareerLink will be supplementing their postings with backfill from SimplyHired via ForceFinder's built in SimplyHired integration.

Improved Mobile Interface

ForceFinder has updated its job seeker mobile interface which now supports job searching, applying, registering, email notifications and improved mobile site 'branding' capabilities. The new mobile interface will attract more job seekers, registrations and applications.

Prestige Group, Ltd. Selects ForceFinder

Prestige Group, Ltd. of Troy, Ohio specializes in retail food (restaurant/ c-store/ supermarket) and healthcare employment and has been a leader in those fields since 1996. Prestige will launch it's first ForceFinder job board targeting the food service industry.

Argosy Group LLC Selects ForceFinder

Argosy Group LLC has selected ForceFinder to power its IA Watch career center. IA Watch is an online information service providing resources for regulatory, compliance and investment advisory professionals.

Enhanced Content Management Available

ForceFinder's new content management module is now available. The new module allows customers to more easily manage the content of the automatic emails generated by the system, as well as all the customizable pages/screens in the system. A new preview function allows customers to see the results of the content as they are composing it. Content may include html and text so that images, ads and tracking script may be included.

Bio Careers Converts to ForceFinder

Bio Careers, the premier career site for postgraduate life science professionals, has selected ForceFinder to replace it's existing job board technology. Bio Careers is the first and only career service dedicated to expanding professional options for life science PhDs and MDs. The service provides online career resources and job postings to post-graduate and alumni candidates, and recruitment services to employers